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In 1998, Kalinda Fisher founded Advocate Market Research Bureau. Through the years and the ebbs and flows of the research landscape, Advocate has become a leader in qualitative research with a strong grasp of the nuances of moderating focus groups and has a passion for finding ways to truly hear the voice of the intended audience. Advocate has a strong foothold in healthcare and banking with a special interest in entrepreneurial ventures, especially those which add to the consumer/patient experience and will utilize whatever methodologies will get you to your end-point. Advocate serves as your market and consumer research strategist from the very beginning of a project until the results have been put into action.

In our founder's words:

"With my background as a sociologist and the knowledge I gained working in advertising research, I found that many businesses and organizations didn't really have an understanding of the consumers of their products. 

I began Advocate Market Research Bureau to help businesses and organizations, through effective market research, gain a truer picture of their consumers by becoming, in essence, the 'voice' of their consumer, and ultimately their 'advocate.'

Essentially, the market research we provide helps our clients gain the understanding and insights they need to reach their customers in the most effective ways possible."

Some of the more memorable focus groups conducted throughout the United States and Canada include: Chicago, Seattle, New York City, San Diego, Boston, Nashville, Orlando, New Orleans, Buffalo, New Jersey, St. Louis, North Dakota and Toronto

Partial Client List

Banking and Financial:
M&T Bank
Civic Bank & Trust
The SKM Group

PakHound Parcel and Logistics
Paragon Motor Sports


Blue Cross and Blue Shield (various states)


Community Blue Health Insurance
Curbell Medical Products, Inc.

Gaymar Industries

Independent Health

Seamless Health
Seneca Nation of Indians

Tamber Health

Burger King
Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Arts Build 


United Methodist Publishing

United Methodist Communication

ConAgra Foods
Dunlop Tire
Rich Products

‚ÄčMars Food

Dunn Tire
Hot Stuff Foods
Moore Stickney & Associates