INTERNAL CULTURE  The client was eager to gain an understanding of the level of employee satisfaction. This extensive twelve focus group study gathered a qualitative understanding of what employees desired, as well as what they liked and disliked about their corporate culture.

RESULT-- Developed a strategy for each bank division and branch based on the analysis of the research to create a benchmark for further employee satisfaction studies.

CULTURE MERGE The client needed to fully understand the implications to both the internal and external culture upon the acquistion of another large bank with an equally dominant and loyal (internal and customer) culture.  Conducted a multitude of focus groups with a strong emphasis on understanding the acquired banks culture and the best ways to merge the two strong, long-standing, 'hometown' banks.

RESULT -- Discussed ways of keeping the lines of communication open during the process of the merger that stayed within the guidelines during such times.  While full disclosure wasn't an option it was enough for the employees, and customers, to know they would be told of advances in the acquisition, and the implications to their accounts (and key personnel) as timely as possible.  The acquired bank also found solice in further gaining understanding of the acquiring banks culture and the fact that 'if it had to be anyone they were glad it was them' because they perceived the two banks' cultures as similar and built upon like principles.

LARGE NORTHEAST REGIONAL BANK was working to better match their products with the specific needs of their customers.  Through a series (of two city) focus groups there is now a better understanding of what specific sub-sets of their customers need from a bank's product, and a bank, in order to justify a larger commitment (loyalty/deposit amounts) to such an institution.

RESULT--Product has now been focused on the attributes and benefits expected of said customer and is moving along the path of development.

SOUTHERN HOMETOWN BANK was curious how their current messaging impacted the local market and their clients as well as gain an understanding of their 'presence' in the marketplace, as a benchmark measure, prior to launching their new branding.

RESULT -- Gained an in-depth read of their marketplace, helped them better position their messaging and set a benchmark which would serve as a quantifiable measure of success in the future.

PROMINENT NORTHEAST BANK conducted and analyzed a variety of internet surveys which were often utilized in order to understand various quandries within the bank such as customer satisfaction, advertising messaging and product targets.

RESULT -- Able to turn around research quickly in order to better understand the customer on an on-going basis.  These studies often served as the basis upon which other, more indepth, studies were built.